Friday, December 21, 2007

FET 8611 - Where is everyone?

Well, after the initial flurry of cyber activity in FET8611, everyone seems to have gone to ground.
My thinking is that there are so many disparate elements - personal blog, many kG pages, and multiple forums on the Moodle course environment that it is difficult to know where to post stuff to get a response. I was wanting some feedback on the talking heads animation stuff and maybe finding a partner or 2 to test out the effectiveness of email contributions (ie. starting an animated show and then emailing it to a friend for them to add more dialogue and so on) but there is just no response.
The SHOUTBOX on kG seems a dead loss mostly, and the kG pages don't seem to be updated by their facilitators often enough to get questions answered on the topics.

I am experiencing problems with Twitter and I have had no answer from the other Twitter users, despite direct questions on Twitter, kG SHOUTBOX, the kG Twitter wiki page, or even from Twitter management!
Very frustrating...

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