Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year starts off slowly

2008 is here and I have a head cold, and am slogging through essays and assignments on my holiday days off. Sigh...
Anyway, found a good website on technology at BBC Technology . They had a predictions for technology in 2008 section.
I found this thanks Twitter.. again.
The issue with not being able to add or search for new Twitter people to follow has been solved by 3rd party software called Terraminds - it lets you search for names you might know. link to Terraminds.
One of the best ways to add Twitter links though, is if you've found someone interesting check out their Twitter profile page and check all the avatars for all the people they are following. By clicking the chosen avatar image you will be taken to that profile page and can easily click "Follow", or not.
That's how I found the BBC technology site. It now sends me regular tweets about new tech articles.

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