Monday, January 7, 2008

Thoughts on my WIKI page on kG - Wikis n Tikis for Dummies

After the Wimba conference session this morning with lecturer Peter Evans and fellow FET 8611 students,
I feel like I have clarified some issues I have been having with my facilitated Wiki page on Knowledge Garden - "Wikis n Tikis for Dummies".
There are significant issues of setting up a wiki page under fairly strict assessment guidleines about number of words, content, number of contributors and needing to be "fairly complete" after only a few weeks. It can become a very artificial exercise - as it seems to be the inherent nature of wikis is to grow and change according to time and user needs.

At present my wiki is only about 1600 words - far short of the 3000 needed for the "finished" wiki page. However, I feel that as my page is not meant to replicate other existing "introduction to using wikis" pages in knowledge Garden, but rather answer some basic questions that maybe aren't addressed elsewhere (like how do you pronounce wiki and tiki?) AND , most importantly, to give links to the other relevant pages - it is OK for it to be shorter. I don't want to fill it up with theoretical or instructional information just for the sake of making up a word count.

Maybe what I could do is add a section for people to share their beginning experiences with using wikis.

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