Monday, January 21, 2008

progress on Assignment 2

In the past 4 days for assignment 2 I have:
* registered a new domain name "" with my current host provider at
* downloaded 'Moodle4Mac' from
*played with Moodle settings

I hit a snag with getting my domain name registered as i didn't receive the automated payment details email, and had to chase around by email. I am currently waiting for confirmation from the webhost - - that they have all the technical requirements to actually host Moodle properly. I didn't think that there would be issues, but apparently some webhosts just don't use all the required bits & pieces...

I was proceeding on the basis that I can add an extra domain name to my existing hosting account at no extra charge, but now I can see that maybe I should have gone through a dedicated Moodle host. Damn... but maybe it will be OK?

The set up for the Moodle page was difficult as there are very few instructions of what to actually do and I spent about an hour just looking around at the MAMP administrator page wondering what the hell to do. What is MAMP anyway?
Then I realised that there is another 'Welcome to Moodle for Mac' page that does NOT show up automatically after you install the Moodle package. It's found at :-
On this page I can log in as 'admin' with a password of 12345, but then what?

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