Monday, January 21, 2008

Looking at wiki software

Today I spent all morning looking at various wiki software. I am trying to work out how to use a wiki/ blog/ forum for my Korean EFL classes. It's got to be super easy to use, must have closed , invitation only access, and be free!
I found a site called WikiMatrix that compares them all by features
And I tried out a business-oriented wiki/ forum called CentralDesktop. It was very clean, easy to use, and I had it up and running in 2 minutes but - for an unlimited number of users it would be $99 per month!

Netcipia ( looks good and was recommended by Justyna as a project wiki for teachers, but it's not quite so easy to use and is probably a little too complicated for Korean EFL students.
I think Justyna might be right - just get them to set up a Blogger account - the set up page is in Korean so they don't have all the hassles of dealing with technical instructions in English - they can just focus on their blog content. Good idea. I'd been forcing them to set up an English only Yahoo! email account (because their Korean email accounts do not accept English language emails) and then sign up and use the phpBB forums only in English - and it was Ok for the top 20 % of the students but for the lower level students in each class it was just a stress, and hampered their learning.
Hmmm... the search continues and I must narrow down the focus for my Assignment 2.

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