Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finally got my domain name!

I finally got my domain name today! I think I should have made the request for to the web host to attach the new domain to my existing domain again, after I paid for it. I had made an enquiry before I paid, and I think they just went ahead and processed the fee and the registration.
My new domain is profpenny.com and I've set up my Moodle EFL course at www.profpenny.com/Englishzone

I learned something interesting today:
That URLs are case sensitive. "englishzone" comes up as a 404 error but "Englishzone" works!
I'm wondering now whether I should have used lower case for all the letters, as it may prove a stumbling block for students to access the site. OR is that a useful way of teaching the Korean students that the word "English" needs capitalisation!

Anyway, I chose to automatically setup Moodle through the Cpanel of my webhost (www.unlimited-space.com), using 'fantastico' It was unbelievably easy.
The only thing I am not sure of now is why I am having trouble uploading resource files - the files seem to upload but the don't open as they seem to be not in correct folders or directories. I will try to make some dedicated data files for audio and photos and see if that helps.

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