Friday, January 18, 2008

pondering assignment 1 questions...

I think I've finished my report on my knowledge Garden wiki page "Wikis & tikis for Dummies"
I wasn't quite sure if section 11 about "suggestions for the way the wiki could be improved as a learning environment ..." was referring to my facilitated page or kG as a whole, so I took it to mean the latter.
My main issue with using the knowledge Garden has been the non user-friendly layout, template and poor navigation. So while I am still interested in exploring wikis as an educational tool, I want to look at others besides the TikiWiki powered one, that may be easy and simple to use, especially in an EFL environment. (My Korean students would never handle all the technical difficulties of kG, let alone the tiny font, etc - I found kG extremely difficult even as a very experienced computer user and a native-speaker of English!)).
Justyna has obviously been looking at similar issues and she posted a link to Neticipia as her chosen wiki platform. I will have to check it out myself when I get some time (after this course has finished).

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