Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tikis & Wikis...Clear as mud...

Well, had another go at setting up my knowledge Garden User page today. I opened Peter's instruction page and tried to follow directions, but I just kept flipping backwards and forwards between the User Page and his instructions and getting no-where. The problem seems to be that I don't really understand the purpose of the User page and it is just so NON-intuitive to navigate. (Obviously not designed by a Mac user...)

I ended up searching out a past student's Userpage (thankyou Penny Gardner) and starting to just copy what she had done. But somehow just copying something doesn't seem to make the exercise meaningful or useful.
Anyway, I ended up also adding myself (name and avatar) to a couple of other kG pages like the FET8611 wiki page and the Members-Where I live page.
To be honest I had never heard of a Tiki before this course outside of the context of one of those ugly little New Zealand face thingys, and I still don't know what it is in terms of technology jargon. Guess I'll have to Google it -
American Heritage® Dictionary: Description of tiki
NOUN: 1. Tiki Mythology A male figure in Polynesian myth, sometimes identified as the first man.
Oh dear, not getting very far.... it's going to another 50 hour a week course at this rate....

Tried Googling 'Tiki Wiki'
- getting closer....

Learn More About Tiki

Tiki is a free (LGPL), full-featured Content Management System (CMS) that uses:

With Tiki, you can create online applications, web sites, portals, intra/extranets, and just about anything else. Tiki has all of the features you want (wikis, blogs, surveys, forums, maps, and more) in a tightly integrated package. Simply pick and choose the features for your site.
Apparently you can customise them - they don't have to be all boring white & blue like knowledge Garden. Here's a screenshot of a featured Tiki site: Netineo

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