Friday, November 30, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel...

I had to take a couple days off from the contant barrage of information created by the course, and focus on my university work and preparation for my students' final exams.
Getting that distance was good as I have had some "assimilation" time now for all the jargon, course requirements etc to sink in. I feel like i made a breakthrough today and actually signed up for Twitter and got a 'TwitterPost' widget for my Mac desktop, so I could meaningfully contribute to the kG Twitter wikipage.
I realised that although I had great intentions when I set up the "Exploring Online Virtual Environments" wikipage, I am not actually going to have time to seriously get into using Second Life at this point.However, the page has taken off of it's own accord so that is the main thing.
I also upated my Userpage by getting a better layout ( I actually just copied the code from another student's page that I liked the look of - as I'm sure that student had done herself....) So now I can easily add a record of my course assignment progess to my Userpage.
I find the standard templates provided in kG are not very useful. Maybe it would be better if the templates were updated to something actually useful for students...

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