Thursday, November 15, 2007

The journey begins....

Well, I've finally got a blog set up for the course. I initially tried to set up a blog on Live Journal just to explore a different site, but it seemed to be slow and buggy and I wasted SO much time and still couldn't even get a title up for the blog.
I don't know whether they just don't cater for Mac users or what, but they didn't have a very good FAQ page and I couldn't find out!. Also you have to put up with ads everytime you write a new, I wouldn't recommend LiveJournal for serious bloggers as it seems to be more for chat communities and finding friends.

So I'm back home to where things generally DO work and the environment is very easy to use. I wish I could say the same for knowledgeGarden! Oh dear... the User page set up is the most non-intuitive, hard to use environment I've ever come across.
It started with clicking on the the Google map to insert my location. I kept putting the pointer on my location and clicking save, but the page would come up showing me in the middle of the ocean! but there seemed to be no way to then get back to the User page at knowledge Garden to insert the latitude and Longitude co-ordinates anyway...So I just got a pencil and paper and wrote down my co-ordinates, and called it a day. I'm still not really sure what the User page is actually for, but I think it should be re-named the "User unfriendly page"...

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Janet said...

Hi Penelope - I have to agree with you - after setting up my blog at, I find Knowledge Garden very difficult to navigate. For the latitude/longitude section, scroll on the map to effect a change.